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The WHS Virtual Cares Campaign is Award-Winning!

Melone Advertising is really proud of the work we did for the Washington Health System. The campaign drove traffic to the hospital’s new Virtual Care app, which allows patients to see the doctor 24/7 by way of a virtual call. SEE THE FULL CAMPAIGN →

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Red Pump: A Brand Built on the Spirit of Rebellion

Every family story goes back to a farmhouse somewhere. And that’s no different for Ed Belfoure, owner of Red Pump Spirits, who had a childhood home called “The Farmhouse.” His home dates back to 1786 and is the driving force of his local craft distillery brand, which includes products such

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A Long History of Shaping the Community

Creating a campaign for a well-established brand is a process. Though Melone Advertising hasn’t been in business as long as Community Bank, we are proud to have been working together for over 12 years. When the bank proposed a campaign to ease people into new banking services, we knew we

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