The WHS Virtual Cares Campaign is Award-Winning!

Melone Advertising is really proud of the work we did for the Washington Health System. The campaign drove traffic to the hospital’s new Virtual Care app, which allows patients to see the doctor 24/7 by way of a virtual call. SEE THE FULL CAMPAIGN →

14 Packaging Examples You Need to See

Is packaging key to a product’s success? Take a second to think about your favorite cereal. Visualize the box. Whether it’s bright yellow or a colorful rainbow, chances are, your favorite cereal has packaging that sticks out in your mind. Customers young and old are influenced subconsciously by the aesthetics of packaging. In fact, 64% […]

5 “Boring” Businesses with Sensational Social Media

If you’re a member of a social media site, then it’s likely that you got hungry seeing food videos on Facebook, checked out your next vacation getaway on Instagram, or watched cute pet videos on YouTube. Food, vacation, and pets are easy products for consumers to get excited about on social media. But, what about […]

Melone Advertising Blog Launch Announcement

All good things start with a vision. Without the owner, Mike Melone’s vision to start an advertising firm, we would not have been able to meet so many great people, businesses, and brands or learn about their stories. Whether it’s a small mom and pop shop simply looking to help their family or a large […]