Bringing a mission to life

ARC Human Services

ARC Human Services and ARC of Washington County are dedicated to improving the lives of those with developmental or intellectual disabilities. It’s rewarding and demanding work that could be the perfect job for the right person.

The Opportunity

To coincide with the unveiling of a major fundraising push and facility expansion, the two entities came to us to build a campaign that could reintroduce audiences to their message, help fund fundraising, and spur their recruitment efforts.

The Outcome

We had the opportunity to create ARC’s brand video and a series of companion recruitment videos. The videos were debuted on their newly re-designed website. In the following months, the client saw an increase in hiring volume and added many new employees to their roster.
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Successful Implementation

It’s not always easy to capture the weight of a nonprofit’s impact on the region with ordinary marketing. It’s too easy for a marketer’s words and images to get in the way of the real story. In this case, we made a point do make the work they do the focus of each piece. We didn’t talk about the impact that a donation could make, we showed the end result. We didn’t simply say working for ARC was rewarding, we showed the joy that each employee brought. We brought the viewer closer to ARC’s mission by showing how their mission is brought to live every day.