Sports marketing that brings
the world to Washington.

Dicks Sporting Goods PONY League World Series

The PONY League World Series has been a part of the American Pastime since 1952. Future MLB stars and wide-eyed kids alike have made their mark on the fields in Washington County, PA. But just after their 60th anniversary, local attendance started to wane, teams were becoming less interested in crossing the globe to compete, and there was talk of folding the tournament.

The Opportunity.

In 2013, the group who runs the tournament came to us with a very simple, albeit steep challenge: save the PONY League World Series. That’s a challenge we simply couldn’t ignore.

The Outcome.

Since the beginning of our ongoing relationship, attendance has gone up 86%, the tournament has secured major sponsors, and the games have even begun to be televised. It’s safe to say that the tournament was saved.


Sometimes an established brand experiences a perception lull. Everyone thinks they know all about the brand, but they’re missing key pieces that make that brand special. In the case of the PONY League World Series, would-be attendees had either forgot, or never knew, what a unique opportunity the tournament presents. The world is literally coming to Washington, PA every summer bringing actual future Hall of Famers. It’s a truly unique, global event. And we made sure that our print, outdoor, direct and broadcast creative reflected that fact.