Building on a brand’s success

Stevens Engineers and Contractors

Stevens Engineering is one of the few firms able to offer the scope of services many businesses require when they’re building a new manufacturing site or corporate headquarters. And while they’ve been exceeding the expectations of their clients for over 50 years, they remain something of a well-kept secret. They asked for our help to get the secret out.

The Opportunity

Stevens Engineering approached us to create pieces that more concisely highlighted the company’s capabilities and their drive to build on their clients’ successes.
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The Outcome

The brochure and video produced to date have helped drive the company’s continued growth. And their construction schedule has never been more packed.

Successful implementation.

Stevens Engineering capabilities present a natural challenge to communicators: they do almost everything that goes into building almost any building. This breadth of expertise drove us to show what they’re doing while we tell the broader story of how they build. Extensive drone footage and other on site video served as the backdrop of a compelling story.