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Pure. Honest. Beer.

Stoney's Beer Branding and Package Design

In 1907, William B. ‘Stoney’ Jones worked hard to perfect his local beer from Smithton, PA. This is the beer so good, people asked for it by ‘Stoney’s’ name. This beer, brewed in the same Old World all-malt style. It’s a crisp, classic American Lager made from the finest American grains and domestic hops for an honestly better taste.

The opportunity.

Create a new brand that would not only appeal to the their existing customer, but would connect with the younger audience with a new retro look. A new logo was created along with a strong tag-line, completely new bottle and can design, web and apparel.

The outcome.

Cheers to a very successful launch. Stoney’s Beer has a lot going for them. The brewery is family owned, the beers are brewed from recipes that have been the darlings of judges at the Great American Beer Festival. What they needed was a modern face and voice to the brand. And that’s where we came in. We started with what was great about Stoney’s and built up from there. We developed a new look, new packaging, a new tagline, and a new voice to Stoney’s online and on-premise marketing. And the brand shines through.