Sharing a legend with a new generation of chefs.

Washington Importing

When a chef needs a secret ingredient, from meat to spices to paper goods they know to turn to Washington Importing—just as restaurant have done since 1932.

The opportunity.

As they approach their 100th year in business, and prepare for a third generation of family ownership, the client wanted a more formal web presence that could solidify their brand and act as an e-commerce engine. They had an existing backend they wanted to improve upon, but they had very little in the way of marketing materials.

The Results

Melone Advertising had a blank sheet from the start since the client has never had a logo, website or brand.

Successful Implementation

While building a new logo and online presence, we worked with the client to find the essence of what makes Washington Importing the go-do for discerning chefs in all types of cuisine. Having identified quality, personal service, and a passion for food as the biggest drivers, we used those to craft their story and serve as the guiding elements to the creative.